Les avantages d’une piste cyclable

Stéphane Dorge presented a Parking Protected Bike Lane Project of Provencher Boulevard at the Old St. Boniface Residents’ Association (OSBRA)’s AGM. It was during his world-wide travels that Stéphane noticed that there were bike lanes around all tourist attractions. These bike lanes welcome visitors and encourage them to visit.

With many historic sites in Old St. Boniface and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights located just across the river, why not have a protected bike lane on Provencher Boulevard.

Stéphane’s presentation was well received.  A motion to adopt the project was unanimously supported by the OSBRA.


Lors de l’assemblé générale annuelle de l’Association des résidents du vieux Saint-Boniface, le résident Stéphane Dorge a présenté un projet de piste cyclable protégée sur le boulevard Provencher.

Lisez la suite! Les avantages d’une piste cyclable. La Liberté. Camille Gris Roy. 1 au 7 Avril 2015



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