Who Cares About Mobility? Results from a 3 Question Candidate Survey about Walking, Biking and Active Transportation for All

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Election 2022 – posted on October 25th


Winnipeg goes to the polls this October. Winnipeg Trails wants to help you bring you more information to help you choose candidates that align with our shared vision. We gave all candidates for council and mayor an opportunity to quickly summarize their thinking by answering 3 short, high-level questions. Candidates received an invitation and a follow up email.

The three questions focused on how we get Winnipeg to the point where it is acting urgently on creating complete, connected, reliable, and high quality comprehensive walking and cycling infrastructure, as quick as possible, for everyone.

You can view the original survey here.

We would like to thank all of the candidates for putting their name forward, and especially those who took the time to reply. For more info on candidates who did not reply, we urge you to check their websites for any info they may have posted.


Each Yes or No question was worth roughly equal points (34 for question one, 33 for the other 2). Candidates were given a chance to answer “Other”, but informed that those answers would then be evaluated and given a score by our team.

Here is a summary of the results:

(You can see the original answers and scoring here.)

Chris Clacio100Mayor
Glen Murray100Mayor
Idris Adelakun100Mayor
Rana Bokhari100Mayor
Rick Shone100Mayor
Shaun Loney100Mayor
Don Woodstockdid not replyMayor
Jenny Motkalukdid not replyMayor
Scott Gillinghamdid not replyMayor
Robert-Falcon Ouellettedid not replyMayor
Kevin Kleindid not replyMayor
Brad Gross21.45Charleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood
Hal Andersondid not replyCharleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood
Evan Duncandid not replyCharleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood
Gordon Pennerdid not replyCharleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood
Steven Miniondid not replyCharleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood
Omar Kinnarath100Daniel McIntyre
Sal Infantino100Daniel McIntyre
Cindy Gilroydid not replyDaniel McIntyre
Ryan Kochie83.5Elmwood-East Kildonan
Jason Schreyerdid not replyElmwood-East Kildonan
Sheri Rollins83.5Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry
Michael Thompsondid not replyFort Rouge-East Fort Garry
Steve Snyder100Mynarski
Aaron McDowell100Mynarski
Natalie Smith100Mynarski
Ed Radchenka83.5Mynarski
Ross Eadie50Mynarski
Andrew Podolecki83.5North Kildonan
Jeff Browatydid not replyNorth Kildonan
Devi SharmaacclaimedOld Kildonan
Joe Pereira100Point Douglas
Vivian Santosdid not replyPoint Douglas
Moe Eltassidid not replyPoint Douglas
John Orlikowdid not replyRiver Heights-Fort Garry
Brant Fielddid not replyRiver Heights-Fort Garry
Gary Lenkodid not replyRiver Heights-Fort Garry
Nicholas Doukliasdid not replySt.Boniface
Matt Allarddid not replySt.Boniface
Barcel Boilledid not replySt.Boniface
Daevid Ramey100St.James
Shawn Dobsondid not replySt.James
Kelly Rybackdid not replySt.James
Eddie Ayoubdid not replySt.James
Tim Diackdid not replySt.James
Markus ChambersacclaimedSt.Norbert-Seine River
Brian Mayes83.5St. Vital
Baljeet Sharmadid not replyno answer
Derrick Dujlovicdid not replyno answer
Shawn Nasondid not replyTranscona
Steve Lipischakdid not replyTranscona
Ryssell Wyattdid not replyTranscona
Wally Welechenkodid not replyTranscona
Janice Lukes100Waverley West
Pascal Scottdid not replyWaverley West


We were pleased to see that, of the 24 respondents, 87% of the candidates said they would fight to ensure that the budget for first-class cycling infrastructure is included in all roadwork by 2024.

We were also please to note that, 87% also vowed, if elected, to fight for capital and operating budgets that include world-leading practices in snow clearing on our sidewalks and bikeways by 2024.

Lastly, and importantly, despite a number of new candidates wanting to learn more, there was wide understanding and recognition of the work that Winnipeg Trails does, and the importance of urgency in the face of climate change, and strong desire to see our organization have stronger oversight over Winnipeg’s transportation priorities, with 67% recommending that Winnipeg Trails’ be assigned a formal and sustainable decision-making role, one with the capacity for oversight, that allows us to meaningfully impact/direct Winnipeg’s transportation and mobility strategies going forward.

Note: The year 2024 was chosen deliberately, rather than 2023, since the budgeting process means that it is the first year over which they will be able to exert maximum influence, where as the first year often includes carry over priorities from the previous council.


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