image showing the entrance to the winnipeg trails location at the forks, with a red carpet and lots of tropical plants

As of Summer 2024 we have a new home in a gorgeous space in the heart of The Forks.  Come connect and learn what we do.

Come us the BikeCheck: indoor valet parking like a VIP. Leave your bike with us while you eat, drink or explore the Forks. Open 6 days a week 11am-10pm. Pay-what-you-can or by donation. All proceeds go towards our programming and you can rest ease knowing your ride is safe and sound. Our social enterprise Plain Bicycles also offer bicycle repairs while you wait + accessories, sales and rentals! We have something for everybody.

Check out the many programs and events we are running out of the Forks each week. We have bike lessons for adults, Indigenous language tables and games,  handcycles to try thanks to ASCMB, tandem rides for persons with vision impairments thanks to VIRN. and more!

Don’t miss our regular “ride with me” series – an all ages/abilities group ride with a different ride leader every Sundays.

Come feel the vibe, learn more PlainBicycle, FutureForests, LittleTrails and everything else we we do …or just get info on trails and come plan your next adventure!

what we do

We work to build a healthy, sustainable and inclusive city

Winnipeg Trails Organization is a non-profit organization with a goal of developing a sustainable city, with a primary focus on active transportation in the Winnipeg community.


Trails developed since 2003


Trees planted along trails


School loops established during COVD-19

Image grid showing the different work that Winnipeg Trails Association does
about us

Our vision

As an organization, we believe that transportation is a right for all. We believe that nature has a right to exist, especially within cities, and that streets should be shared by all, not just by cars.

Healing the Land

By healing the land, we heal the people. Our goal is to ensure infastructure does the least amount of damage to the land as possible

Advocate for Equitably Designed Infrastacture

We believe we have a responsibility to make sure that all infrastructure is designed to be safe, efficient, easily understood, comfortable, interesting, beautiful, and not damaging to the land.

Enable Access to Every Area of the City

We want to ensure everyone has access to every area of the city, either through walking, using a wheelchair, riding a bike, or any other form of human-powered movement

Promoting Sustainable Active Transportation

Our top priority and vision for the future, is better infastructure to support the use of active transportation methods in Winnipeg. We advocate for Open Streets, bike lanes, and to entrench sustainable transportation in long-term planning.

our work

Projects and initiatives

We achieve our goals through a multitude of projects and advocacy. These projects are all aimed at improving active transportation and healing the land in the Winnipeg community. Below are some of our projects that we’ve worked on over the years, as well as initiatives we’ve taken steps to support.

Two people building a wall out of chunks of snow.


WinterPeg is an iniative aimed at getting people outside. It functions as a map of trails and their conditions, as well as providing everyone the opportunity to try cross-country skiing at various parks throughout the city with the FREE Mobile Ski Library.

A man with a face mask and safety vest. Trees are in the background, leaves in the foreground.

Healing Trails

Healing Trails is an Indigenous-led initiative to re-think transportation through policy work, capacity building, education and tangible real-world projects.

Woman kneeling in an open field. She's reading a map that's resting on her knee.

Future Forests

Future Forests aims to plant 150,000 trees along streets in Winnipeg and the surrounding area to allow for greater shade for passersby, increased biodiversity, cleaner air, and overall beautification of the streets for the community.

This year we have partnered with Nature Canada to run #FutureForests programming in schools as part of their NatureHood program (

Women wearing PPE, fixing a bike. There are rows of bikes in the background.

Goal 5

Goal 5 aids in providing newcomer women with the skills needed to fix up their own Plain Bicycle, aiding in building a more sustainable community.

A table full of School Loops maps

School Loops

School Loops seeks to elevate human powered movement in neighbourhoods to the next level by developing maps that connect a small network of schools together.

People unloading bicycles from red truck

The Plain Bicycle Project

The goal of the Plain Bicycle project is cities full of people full of joy. Our specific area of focus is a type of bicycle used by the majority of 4M Dutch people who cycle on any given day. We demonstrate that the same appetite for cycling exists here.

A crosswalk with an overlay of "30" inside of a heart


#Love30on30 is a show of support for safe vehicle speeds on the 30th of every month. Started in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it is inspired by the neighbours we missed seeing outside and the space between our homes that felt safe for us all.

A person getting ready to ride a bike with a Mode Shift trailer on the back.

Mode Shift

Mode Shift, is an annual, jam-packed series of events + an important conference, featuring talks and masterclasses by internationally recognized guests that explores transportation, culture, health, and your ideas.

A street full of trees. People are riding bikes and walking

Open Streets

We bring forward a vision of Open Streets and temporary bikeways and call for them to be acted upon, advocating for the need for more safe places to work or ride a bicycle, and more meaningful options to be outside for recreation or transportation without driving.

support us

Order your Plain Bicycle online or visit the Bicycle Garden

Want to support Winnipeg Trails through our non-profit bicycle shop? Consider purchasing one of our Plain Bicycles – a pre-loved bike from the Netherlands. These upright, stepthrough, comfortable bikes are made to last, and are ideal for any bike user.

Check out for more information and to order yours today or come visit us at 267 Sherbrook St, Tuesday-Friday 11AM-7PM and Saturday 12 noon-6PM

Woman on the street with a dutch bicycle
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Classes and Workshops

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