In partnership with the Children’s Health Research Institutes of Manitoba and the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg Trails is thrilled to be part of ModeShift. The research project is funded by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada with pilot project funding provided by the Canadian Institute for Health Research. We’ve embarked on a 3-year research project that is investigating known links between well-built cities and chronic diseases like heart diseases, lung diseases disease and many more. We are collaboratively working on a project which examines if neighbourhoods that are in close proximity to trail networks and cycle paths have a reduced rate of Cardio Vascular Disease events and Type II diabetes. Our staff have been on the ground on trails since summer 2017, talking to users, doing surveys and spreading the word.

Of course, our built environment resulted from thousands of decisions, big and small. Solutions require collective action and leadership.

So, in order to make sure our research has the maximum impact, we are putting on a festival of ideas and action! We are bringing together an exciting and diverse community of professionals and community members to talk about the change required to make things better.

You are invited.


Modeshift Festival will place during the week April 15-20, 2018. The event will see international experts come to Winnipeg, local voices profiled and will include numerous inspiring and fun events in the downtown area including talks and events open to the public such as film festivals, guided walks and group bike rides.  

Our don’t-miss confirmed guests include:

Janette Sadik-Khan – is deservedly famous through North America and around the world for stewarding New York City’s incredible number of new pedestrian-focused projects (including the massively popular Time Square conversion), new protected bike lanes and critical public transit improvements. Ms.Sadik-Khan will be here to share her knowledge and insight especially the parallels between her work and Winnipeg’s most famous intersection;

Herbert Tiemens, regional planner and engineer for Utrecht (one of the most bike-friendly cities on Earth), is an advisor to the Kingdom of the Netherlands on bicycle issues and a globally recognized speaker on Dutch transportation and mobility with the Dutch Cycling Embassy. He’ll be here for intensive workshops and public speeches;

Robin Mazumder is a doctoral candidate in cognitive neuroscience at the University of Waterloo, where he is studying the psychological impacts of urban design. Using sophisticated wearable technology and immersive virtual reality, he examines how people experience cities. His interest is inspired by his love for cities as well as his front line experience working as a mental health occupational therapist. Robin’s research is funded by the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship, Canada’s most prestigious doctoral award. Robin also has extensive experience working with startups and sparking innovation – he will be here to speak about what he has learned lately and also lead some lucky participants in a workshop intended to move us as quickly as possible from idea to action;

Kay Teschke, recently retired UBC professor and one of Canada’s foremost academics and voices in the field of transportation safety and behaviour research (especially with regards to cycling). Come hear what she has to say about how you actually move a city towards more sustainable behaviour. Its not as hard as you might think, and you will no doubt find her thoughts on controversial topics like helmet laws and ethics inspiring and entertaining.

Stay tuned for the full program, advanced ticket sales and invitations to free and fun public events.
Want to get more deeply involved in the planning? 
We are looking for sponsors and volunteers. For more information about sponsorship levels and festival activities, please see this exciting document. To volunteer, please go here.

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