Where’s the Pathway in BRT? RALLY

Thursday, June 25th

There has been a sudden and fundamental change in the Southwest Rapid Transit Corridor. .

Winnipeg, Manitoba – There has been a sudden and fundamental change in the Southwest Rapid Transit Corridor. For years an Active Transportation Pathway has always been contemplated as an integral part of this project. Two weeks ago it just disappeared.

“We’re not sure the public is clear that the proposed safe, connected pathway under the Osborne Street Underpass has disappeared. We are launching an awareness campaign to inform the public of this fundamental change, “says Paul Jordan, Chair of the Winnipeg Trails Association. “Furthermore, the fragmented remnants of the pathway will be leading people into a treacherous bottleneck and should be extremely concerning to all Winnipeggers.”

In the current Southwest Rapid Transit Corridor design plans, the South Osborne Underpass is blocking the pathway thereby eliminating the Active Transportation Corridor and essentially making the Southwest Rapid Transit Corridor simply a bus rapid transit corridor.

Representatives from Winnipeg Trails Association, The Forks, Prairie Pathfinders Walking Club, Bike to the Future, Winnipeg Rapid Transit Coalition, and the Manitoba Cycling Association are holding a rally to launch an awareness campaign beginning this Thursday:

Where’s the Pathway in BRT ?
Thursday, June 25, 2009
North East corner, South Osborne Underpass
(just south of the Masonic Temple parking lot)

“The Southwest Rapid Transit Corridor will link the University of Manitoba to downtown, and will ultimately continue past the Human Rights Museum connecting to the Northeast Pioneers Greenway and on to Birds Hill Provincial Park.” says Jordan. “It’s critical to all Manitoban’s that a safe, connected Active Transportation Corridor be incorporated into the plans now.”

For more information contact:   Janice Lukes, Executive Director, Winnipeg Trails Association 204  952-4222



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