The Just Do It – Crowdsourced Simple Fix Map of Winnipeg’s Trails

This is a crowdsourced map of some of the “no brainer” things that cause problems or act as missed opportunities for people who want to commute in or explore Winnipeg by foot, bike, skateboard or wheelchair.


1. Add a line, point or polygon to the map. Whatever best describes your idea/simple fix.
2. Give your idea a title.
3. Add details to the description.
4. Add your name.
5. If you would like to pursue getting it fixed and would like some advice/collaboration, email [email protected]

4. Come across one that has been fixed already?
Yahoo! Change the colour to green.

Suggested legend items:
Just Build It! = Simple Fixes = YOUR Ideas) = stuff in Red
Being Built = Yellow
Green = Fixed
Winter special: Just Plow it! = perennially snowed-under pathway pieces that drive me nuts!

Simple fixes connections could be things that are:
– contained to a specific area
– represent an easily observed need/problem for the user
– probably don’t cost much and could be done even tomorrow
– are not quite as simple as a crack in the sidewalk (those we will ignore for now and, if represent a hazard, should be reported to 311 anyway)
– so close you can taste it

– Something added to this map that got done. Boom. Better city.

PRO TIP: Use the “export to KML” feature to keep a local copy and work in Google earth. Keep a separate folder for your ideas only. Import that folder back to the map once you have everything all nice and pretty.
OTHER PRO TIP: Just in case anyone gets the bright idea to draw something awkward on the map (honestly, this is one of the amazing surprises of crowdsourcing – just how much self control people have . . we can barely resist ourselves) keep a local kml copy. We’ll try and do the same.


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