This morning I had the pleasure of joining the Prairie Pathfinders Walking Club (website: on a 7.25 km walk through the riverview neighbourhood. We mIMG_2567et at 10 am at the Riverview Community Center and followed the Churchill parkway and residential streets throughout the neighbourhood. The parkway was the only marked path, the rest of the course was created by the prairie pathfinders to include some interesting features of Winnipeg.

We started the walk with a stop at the Riverview Community Gardens (pictured right). I enjoyed the information they provided about the project and some history of the area. IMG_2572The adjacent street acts as a barrier for floods as at one point a flood covered the area. Today the land is dedicated to fruit trees and other vegetable plants. Most of the harvest is shared in a feast during the fall or donated.  Most of the walk was on a gravel trail through the Churchill parkway. I enjoyed the view of the river and seeing all the different wildflowers in bloom. It is always nice to spend some time outside. The residential streets were lovely to stroll through because the houses were beautiful and the trees were mature. It was fun to talk with the ladies along the way and eye up the architecture.  We walked along these streets to the Bridge Drive In ice cream shop and across the old bridge. I always enjoy this view. (left)IMG_2571

I wouldn’t say this was one of the best/exciting trails I have walked but I also think this experience is too different to compare. The walking club is great for those who struggle to get out and walk by themselves, because you have many people to talk with and share in the sweaty exercise. I also think joining on a walk is great to discover things you may not have learned about before. Not only does the walk have a couple interactive stops along the way but I learned a lot just from talking with the people who have been on many other adventures. I quite enjoyed myself. Make sure you are in decent enough shape because they go at a brisk walking pace and do not take many breaks. I myself was pretty tired at the end, these ladies could walk laps around me if they wanted. In fact, many decided to extend their walk once we made it back to the community center. I went home for water and food.

If you want to join them on a walk visit: and either sign up for a membership or pay $2.00 per walk.


Written by: Samantha Worden (Sam)

Sam is a Trails Analyst summer student with The Winnipeg Trails Association. She is working towards a degree in Environmental Studies at the University of Manitoba with a focus in Natural Resource Management. Her hobbies include reading, bike riding, camping, watching and posting on YouTube, and various forms of paper-crafting and planning.




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