Keep Sharing the Petition: Going to Council Next Week to Stop the Cancellation of Open Streets! We want an Entire Network of Safe and Connected Pathways and Bikeways.

We’re going to Council with your voices backing us up.

We’re well over 7000 signatures, but we need more and here is why.

Next Tuesday a related motion is going to Public Works committee. That’s the city council committee that overseas roads. The motion itself is a small step forward. We want to send the message that we can do a lot better.

You can join us. Registration info at the end of this message. 

As worded, the motion will seek to extend the open streets sections routes for a couple more months (beyond the July cancellation). 

We need a network we can rely on.

Overwhelming numbers of people signed a petition specifically asking not just to keep what we have but to create more. 

Active transportation doesn’t take a summer vacations and roads doesn’t stop working after Labour Day. We think networks of open streets and temporary bike lanes can be connected fast. We have seen other cities do it. If families are being asked to stay put this summer, we need fun and exciting things to do, and we need a backup plan in case the COVID scare comes back in the fall or winter. 

We want 4 things:

1. Stop the closure of the safe streets we have in July. 

2. Work with us to develop a temporary network of temporary bike lanes, paths and street closures within 500m of each household. 

3. A commitment to fast track a permanent network. 

4. Prepare for winter. Start planning for better snowclearing now.

Who’s with us? Share the petition or register to speak to the open streets motions at Public Works on Tuesday by emailing [email protected]

Photo courtesy Brent Bellamy 


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