Community Consultation – Bishop Grandin Trail WEST of the Red River

Tuesday, June 23rd

Offer input on the location of the new Bishop Grandin Greenway Trail WEST of the Red River.
: Winnipeg Technical College, 130 Henlow Bay
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Hosted by: City of Winnipeg & Winnipeg Trails Association

The extension of the Bishop Grandin Greenway Trail WEST of the Red River started last year with the first section being built from the Red River to Pembina Hwy. In 2009, the section from Pembina to Waverly will be constructed and in 2010, the section from Waverly to McGillivray will be built. WHERE would you like to see the trail located? Which side of Bishop Grandin and Kenaston Blvd should a new multi-use trail be built? WhyteRidge side? Winnipeg Tec College side? What trail system will this new trail connect to? What types of amenities should be installed (benches, refuse containers)? The City Naturalists Department will also be presenting a concept plan to restore habitat along sections of this new trail. Offer your input and opinions!



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