Let’s Talk?

Passing along a message from the folks behind the City of Winnipeg’s 2016 budget priorities consultations. We hear from you about your priorities all the time – trail connectivity and safe, healthy trails. Here’s a chance to have your say about where the city needs to spend money. Put your, um,  mouth where the, um, money is…(?)


The City of Winnipeg has recently launched Let’s Talk, Building a Stronger Winnipeg Together to gather input and feedback on 2016 Budget priorities and preferences. We invite you and your organization, family, neighbours and colleagues to join the conversation.

Here’s how to get started:

Option 1: Let’s Talk Click here to get started.

Let’s Talk is an interactive, easy to use tool that allows you to share detailed input regarding your priorities and preferences for the 2016Budget.

Option 2: All Your Ideas Click here to get started.

All Your Ideas is a platform for an ideas forum, where different ideas about city services and city spending are looking to win your votes.

Option 3: A Little More….A Little Less

Follow us on instagram, letstalkwpg, and snap pictures from your smartphone to answer weekly questions. Post your responses and make sure to use #letstalkwpg.

For more information watch this video or visit www.letstalkwpg.ca

Thanks for your participation!!!!



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