Learning from the Land Series – Spring: Return of the Floodwaters – Saturday April 27

Learning from the Land, in the City is a new series of four seasonal walking tours organized by Urban Ecology Winnipeg. It explores the connection between people, places and Winnipeg’s urban ecosystems.

Following the cycle of the four seasons, Learning from the Land, in the City will organize four urban field walks in Winnipeg, bringing together guest speakers from the worlds of design, ecology, and community development to share knowledge in the field about the local urban environment and our place within it.

● Spring: Return of the Floodwaters – Saturday, April 27 / 10am – 12pm

Next up
● Summer: Urban Forests and Habitats – June 2019 / Date and Time TBD
● Fall: Food Webs and Food Security – September 2019 / Date and Time TBD
● Winter: Energy and the Cosmic Whole – January 2020 / Date and Time TBD

The purpose of this project is to start a conversation about the links between the environment and community health, to promote public literacy about cities as part of larger ecosystems, and the implications that holistic thinking has on the way we plan, design and build communities. We know that the health of people and the land are intimately connected, but what does this look like in an urban setting? How does
urbanization and colonization change ecosystems and impact communities? How can we design cities to work in harmony with natural systems and be more socially and ecologically resilient?

On Saturday, April 27, the first walk in this series will explore WATER systems in Winnipeg, corresponding to the spring thaw and return of the floodwaters. Gathering on the flooded banks of the Red River along Waterfront Drive, this walk will bring together local leaders to talk about:
● The traditional cultural and spiritual significance of water for Indigenous peoples
● The geological history of the Red River and Assiniboine watersheds
● The annual cycle of flooding and its importance for the health of ecosystems
● Colonization and the ways that urban development has changed the rivers
● Winnipeg’s aqueduct and its devastating impacts on the Shoal Lake 40 community
● The downstream impacts of storm-water runoff and sewage spills into the Red River
● Green infrastructure solutions that can help cities manage water in more resilient ways

The walk is open to the public and free to attend, but space is limited. Tickets must be reserved by visiting their website.

Organizers are excited to announce an exceptional line-up of speakers as part of this walk from a diverse range of groups including the International Institute for SustainableDevelopment, the University of Manitoba, the City of Winnipeg, and more. A complete listing of speakers can be found on their website along with more information about this project.

Learning from the Land, in the City is independently organized by Matt Carreau (HTFC Planning + Design) and Marika Olynyk (Nature Conservancy of Canada, Manitoba Region). This project is supported by the Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources, HTFC Planning + Design, Green Action Centre and other sponsors to be announced soon.

Winnipeg Trails is brining tea and snacks!
Look for the red umbrella! 🙂


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