Cherilyn Wilson

Cherilyn (Cheri) Wilson just started her 31st year as an educator, with 14 years spent in Norway House and the past 17 teaching in LRSD. She has lived in and enjoyed the lifestyles offered from a range of MB communities, including Cranberry Portage, Minnedosa, Sky Lake (farm) Gimli, Winnipeg, Grand Rapids, Norway House, and Grande Pointe. Long walks and being around nature has always been a prime stress reliever. After becoming close friends with Tyler Atkinson and his family when he was in grade 4, her interest in accessibility was naturally heightened. Tyler is an exceptional human being, whose sense of humour, positive attitude and ability to embrace all that life can offer him quickly led to his entering the hearts of her and her family. Tyler gradually lost his mobility due to Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy. He has used an electric wheelchair since he was 10. They share a love of exploring communities and of nature. On July 1 2015, Cheri’s niece was travelling home on her bike, crossing Fermor Ave (without a countdown signal). She had almost made it across, when she was hit by a car travelling 70 km/hr. Her niece survived, but suffered severe injuries, including a traumatic brain injury. Like most people, the safety and accessibility of active transportation routes, be it sidewalks, trails, or road infrastructure has a significant impact on her and her loved ones quality of life. At first Cheri supported Tyler, as a Winnipeg Trails Board member, and then was invited to be a member herself. She is finding being a part of the Winnipeg Trails Association a rewarding experience, especially seeing the amazing projects with which these qualified and committed individuals are involved.

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