Local Street Renewal Review – 2015

In our never-ending pursuit of trail connectivity and access for everyone, we have begun to focus more on the streets that start our journey. After

How Bicycles can save small towns

Take a look at this video  of how bike travel can revitalize rural areas. To learn more visit Watch video: Bicycles and Small Towns America

I Bike I Vote

Friends: At Bike Winnipeg, we have been working hard to educate the civic candidates on what they could do to make Winnipeg bike-friendly, and to

Winnipeg’s Pedestrian and Cycling Strategy

The City of Winnipeg announced that it is back in motion with Winnipeg’s Pedestrian and Cycling Strategies. The cancellation of the strategy, which happened last

Election Promises

ELECTION PROMISES & COMMITMENTS towards Active Transportation ‘if elected’ We now have two clear active transportation (AT) commitments from both the New Democratic Party (NDP)