‘The best thing that’s happened to this part of St. James’ (Metro News)

Yellow Ribbon Greenway highlight of Trails Day events
The asphalt has barely had enough time to cool off but the Yellow Ribbon Green way trail is already being heralded as one of the best in the city, according to residents and advocates.And it will be one of the must-explore highlights of Trails Day on June 4, when there will be six multi-use trail events for individuals to explore across the city.

“It’s the best thing that’s happened to this part of St. James,” said St. James resident Connie Newman, who has closely followed the trail’s construction and can be found along it three to four times a week.

The 5.5-kilometre trail begins at Hamilton Avenue and Silver Avenue near Sturgeon Creek and snakes its way through city-owned property, including forested parts of Murray Industrial Park and the Living Prairie Museum, a strip near the airport and the Assiniboine Golf Course to Ferry Road. Plans call for it to eventually reach Polo Park Shopping Centre.

As part of Trails Day activities, a series of events will take place along the Yellow Ribbon trail include a scavenger hunt, bike decorating and guided hikes of the Living Prairie Museum.Because it’s tucked away from traffic, it’s a gem full of views and community still waiting to be discovered by many in St. James, Newman said.

“Between bikes and scooters and dogs, all ages of people, it’s awesome,” she said. “It’s really a community kind of gathering, people talk to each other.Janice Lukes, manager of special projects for Winnipeg Trails Association, said the event is an opportunity to showcase the city’s growing trail network.

“People are antsy to get out. The snow melted, the grass is green, the weeds haven’t taken over yet,” she said. “It’s an ideal time to get out and explore and learn where these trails are.”Lukes said she spent three hours on the Yellow Ribbon Greenway with her children on a recent Sunday morning, and found it full of wildlife, playgrounds, the aviation museum and a must-see view of planes landing at the airport.

“We’re standing there and standing under these plane bellies coming in right after another. It was a real eye-opener for my kids,” she said. Other Trail Day events will include Harte Trail’s Paw Trek and Dog Show, which starts at Oakdale Street and Ridgewood Avenue in Charleswood.

The event takes place from 1 to 4 p.m. and will include a dog show, bike decorating, and geo-caching.”It’s a very good opportunity for the whole community, we’re doing things for every age level,” said Lois Caron, president of the Friends of the Harte Trail.”It’s a chance to get out and discover the trail, and gain more knowledge about the trail.”

For more information and downloadable maps, visit www.winnipegtrails.com.

By [email protected] (The Metro, June 1, 2011)


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