Windsong Trail


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Trail Stewardship Group: Transcona Trails Association

Windsong Trail is located in Victoria Jason Park. The park is named in memory of Victoria Jason, former Transcona resident who in 1994, became the only woman to paddle solo and complete the Northwest Passage journey in her kayak.  Jason gave her kayak the name Windsong for the sound it made as it cut through the waters. The Inuit people she met along her journey gave her the name Kabloona, which she used in the title of her book ‘Kabloona in the Yellow Kayak’. The book documents her epic 7500 km journey through the Canadian Arctic. The open green spaces of the park hold many amenities for the community to enjoy and appreciate nature.


  • crushed stone surfacing
  • 0.5 km route length
  • Parking
    parking lot east off Widlake Street at Coldstream Ave
    parking lot adjacent to skateboard park off Redonda Street across from Murdoch McKay High School


  1. Skateboard park
  2. Toboggan hill
  3. Baseball diamonds
  4. Soccer field
  5. Play structure
  6. windsong1812