Sturgeon Creek Greenway Trail


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Trail Stewardship Group: Assiniboine Watershed Network

The Sturgeon Creek Greenway Trail runs adjacent to Sturgeon Creek from Woodhaven Park to Saskatchewan Avenue.  The trail follows the creek which flows through areas that were once tall grass prairie. The biodiversity of fish species in Sturgeon Creek is quite high, with at least 30 different species identified. Molluscs, crustaceans, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals also use the creek as habitat.  A trip down this trail showcases the unique natural area and the numerous improvements Sturgeon Creek has seen that benefit its ecological health. In the 1990s, riffles and fish ladders were added to help improve water quality and fish habitat. As well,  a “no mow buffer strip” was established to help stabilize the creek banks, benefit wildlife and improve biodiversity.


  • Asphalt surfacing with crushed limestone between Woodhaven & Portage Ave and between Hamilton & Saskatchewan Ave.  The asphalt trail goes under Portage Ave enabling good connectivity. You must use the sidewalk on Hamilton Ave to connect to trail on Silver Ave.
  • 4.0 km  Distance markers installed
  • Parking
    Woodhaven Community Centre off  Woodhaven Blvd
    Sturgeon Creek Park – enter off of Booth Drive
    Vimy Arena  – 255 Hamilton Ave
  • Washrooms / Refreshments
    Vimy Arena  – 255 Hamilton Ave


  1. T-33 Plane – This plane commemorates the Golden Centennaires, an aerobatic team who flew in honour of Winnipeg’s Centennial, 1967.
  2. Grant’s Old Mill – The mill provides a glimpse of a real working watermill and is open to the public in the spring / summer / fall seasons. It is run by the St. James Assiniboia Pioneer Association  204 986-5613.
  3. Fish Ladder – Located across from Grant’s Old Mill, this structure is designed to allow fish to migrate upstream.
  4. Fishing Hole – This popular fishing spot southwest of the Ness Avenue bridge is used by locals throughout the summer months.
  5. Tall Grass Prairie – This endangered eco system contains native grasses and herbaceous plants, e.g. Big Bluestem and Purple Prairie Clover.