peter warkentin holding up a wrench

Wheelchair maintenance workshop.

Hey!  Do you have an interest in learning how to do some basic repairs or maintenance on a wheelchair?  Tired of waiting to see a repair tech through the province?  Or, just want to come hang out and chat about wheelchair life?

Current wait times with the provincial wheelchair program can range from a few weeks to months.  This is a separate issue which needs to be addressed.  When I was first injured, I experienced the unique frustration of feeling stuck in bed in need of simple repairs.  That inspired me to regain some independence and learn how to do whatever I could on my own chair to get back out of bed and out of my house.  Come on down for a basic maintenance workshop on:

-replacing tires/tubes

-pushrim swaps/taping

-brake adjustments

-tightening up anything that feels loose

-caster cleaning/adjustments

-caster/fork bearing replacement (at least ideas and process; bearings have to be exact size)



Jul 14 2024


2:30 pm - 4:00 pm


Winnipeg Trails @ The Forks
Winnipeg Trails @ The Forks
The Forks Market (SE corner of the Forks Market building. Entrance is off the patio, near the outdoor bar. Look for a big glass atrium with a red carpet beside the WRENCH)
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