How to Teach People to Ride a Bicycle Workshop

Learn how to teach others. Have someone in your life who you want to help get them riding? Interested in helping us teach others or start your own group in your neighbourhood? Learn the best method and some tips and tricks for teaching people of any age how to ride a bicycle, the easy way.

You will be learning how to teach cycling, Dutch-style. In the Netherlands, cycling is a way of life. Yet you may be surprised to hear that, even over there, there are still some people there who have yet to learn how . While the vast majority of people learn to cycle at a very young age with their parents, thousands of people emigrate to the Netherlands every year from countries where cycling isn’t nearly as popular, and so they must learn how!¬† Regional governments and grassroots organizations developed specially designed programs to teach this critical life skill to adults. The methods are quite different from the methods employed in North America, but they are extremely successful at fostering lifelong cycling habits. The workshop will therefore draw on the teachings of these highly esteemed Dutch cycling leaders – especially Angela van der Kloof and Mama Agatha – and presents a refershing new way to think about learning to cycle for beginners.

Workshop leaders are Leigh Anne Parry and Anna Weier

Leigh Anne has been teaching people for 4 years and Anna has been working with Leigh Anne for 2 years on this project. They have taught hundreds of people together and want to spread the joy. Let’s get people riding!

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Jun 23 2024


10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Winnipeg Trails @ The Forks
Winnipeg Trails @ The Forks
The Forks Market (SE corner of the Forks Market building. Entrance is off the patio, near the outdoor bar. Look for a big glass atrium with a red carpet beside the WRENCH)
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