Peter Warkentin

Accessible Cycling Assembly – Speaker Series: Peter Warkentin

Join Peter for an informal and personal talk about mobility – and then a chance to test and share equipment afterward.

Peter Warkentin is a musician, cat-appreciator, intermediate conversationalist, and one of the co-founders of the slow tooth-brushing movement.  But seriously, he has become somewhat of an expert in mobility policy having recently contributed to a major national survey of home care practices and the provision of mobility equipment across Canada.

His lived experience includes a sudden loss of the use of his legs as an adult and the adaptations needed to continue his love of cycling

This is a chance to learn about e-trike attachments for manual wheelchairs, and hear as he shares his personal experience with a new e-bike attachment for his wheelchair that changed everything.

Also Peter likes puns. And he’ll prove it.


Jul 16 2024


5:30 pm - 6:00 pm


Winnipeg Trails @ The Forks
Winnipeg Trails @ The Forks
The Forks Market (SE corner of the Forks Market building. Entrance is off the patio, near the outdoor bar. Look for a big glass atrium with a red carpet beside the WRENCH)
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