$20 Million Infrastructure Stimulus Funding to be spent on Winnipeg Multi Use trails and ‘On Road’ Cycling Infrastructure

fletcher_toews_bruinooge_fieldingSept. 12, 2009 Ministers Steven Fletcher & Vic Toews, MP Rod Bruinooge and Councillor Scott Fielding

Infrastructure Stimulus Fund in Manitoba

Through Canada’s Economic Action Plan, the federal government has established a new $4-billion Infrastructure Stimulus Fund that provides funding to provincial, territorial and municipal construction-ready infrastructure rehabilitation projects. Funding is available for two years for projects that will be built during the 2009 and 2010 construction seasons. In the City of Winnipeg, more then $20 million will be spent on multi use trails and on road cycling infrastructure. Additional details of each of the projects can be found on the City of Winnipeg WEBSITE.

  • Eugenie/Des
    Muerons Bikeway
  • Kildonan Golf Course Pathway
  • Somerville to Seal Pathway
  • Dugald Pathway
  • Brazier/Roch Bikeway
  • Assiniboine Bikeway
  • Dakota/Dunkirk
    Pathway Phase I
  • Sherwin Road Pathway
  • Moray Street Pathway
  • Omand’s Creek Bridge
  • Harrow Street Bikeway
  • Ellice/St. Matthews Bikeway
  • Bannatyne/McDermont Bikeway
  • Grosvenor Bikeway
  • Pritchard Bikeway
  • Silver Avenue Bikeway
  • Wilkes Avenue Pathway
  • Sherbrook/Maryland
    Bike Lanes
  • Machray Bikeway
  • Seine River Pathway
  • St. Charles/Flora Bikeway
  • Jubilee Bikeway
  • Dakota/Dunkirk Pathway Phase II
  • Nassau Bikeway
  • Hay Street Bikeway
  • Lagimodiere Pathway
  • Fleet/Warsaw Bikeway
  • St. Mary Avenue Bike Lane
  • Transcona Trail Phase I
  • Archibald Pathway
  • Waverly Pathway
  • Berry Street Bikeway
  • Kildare Avenue Bikeway
  • York Avenue Bike Lanes
  • Alexander/Pacific Bikeway
  • Transcona Trail Phase II
  • Bison Drive Pathway

Interesting Construction Costs:

Construction costs of 1 Km of trail (3.5meter width) in 2008 averaged:

1 Km asphalt = $400,000

1 Km crushed limestone = $200,000

Active Transportation Advisory Committee

In 2007, the City of Winnipeg hired an Active Transportation Coordinator (Kevin Nixon) to focus solely on improving Active Transportation. The City also formed the Active Transportation Advisory Committee (ATAC) for the purpose of providing advice and recommendations on Active Transportation policies, programs, priorities, facilities and standards. The 2008 and 2009 Action Plans approved by the City (sidebar) reflect the forward movement on Active Transportation in Winnipeg.