SpeechTrails Tester Page

Tansi, Aaniin, Hello, etc..

Thankyou for your help!

This is a temporary page for the purpose of testing the audio content of the SpeechTrails app.

SpeechTrails is an exciting new way of learning Indigenous languages n the land while exploring important places!

Choose a lesson an head outside. Tell us what you think of the audio quality, timing, and see if you start picking up words. The app, when coded, will use the GPS to “remember” where you are while you are learning helping you leave behind “Speech Trails” that you can practice again later – all while sending you on missions to see cool artworks and hear hidden backstories while you learn.

Pop in some headphones and try the files below.

LETS GO BIKING (Swampy Cree and English 25min .mp3) click to play

About The Word for “Bicycle” in Cree (Ken Paupanekis and Anders Swanson .mp3)

LETS GO SKIING (Swampy Cree and English .mp3) click to play